Çetin Sel announced that Ebi Hamedi will come to Cyprus Girne Cratos Premium Hotel to give a concert on March 29, 2017.

Çetin Sel announced that Ebi Hamedi will come to Cyprus Girne Cratos Premium Hotel to give a concert on March 29, 2017.

Çetin Sel announced that Ebi Hamedi will come to Cyprus Girne Cratos Premium Hotel to give a concert on March 29, 2017.

His real name is Abraham Hamedi (Persian: ابراهیم حامدی), an Iranian singer born in Tehran on June 22, 1949. Ebi started his professional career with a group of famous Black Cats in Iran. Ebi, known as Iran ‘s Berkant and Erol Evgin, was chosen as a number for his success in music in Iran. Due to the Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1978, Ebi escaped to the US and started to make albums in the USA. Ebi also gave concerts in different parts of the world such as USA, BAE, Antalya, India, Sweden, Germany, Istanbul. Also Ebi has been living in Spain and Sweden for a while.

Tapesh (1973)
Nazi Naz Kon (1975)
Shab Zadeh (1976)
Kouh-e Yakh (1987)
Ba To (1988)
Gharibeh (1989)
Pir (Before 1990)
Khalij-e Fars (1990)
Noon O Panir O Sabzi [Collab. Album with Dariush Eghbali] (1992)
Setareye Donbaleh Dar (1993)
Moallem-e Bad (1993)
Atal Matal (1994)
Setareha-ye Sorbi (1995)
Atr-e To (1996)
Taj-e Taraneh (1997)
Tolue Kon (1999)
Khorshid Khanom (2000)
Shab-e Niloufari (2003)
Hasrat-e Parvaz (2006)
Hess-e Tanhaei (2011)

Goriz (together with Navid-Omid-2007),
Ey Yar Begoo (with Arash – 2005),
Mage Fereshteh Ham Bade and Kolbeh (together with Kamran – Hooman, 2008),
Duetler with Shadmehr Aghili (2012),
Duets with Daryuş İkbali (2000).

Ebi Hamedi will meet with his fans at the Cratos Premium Hotel in Girne, Cyprus on the evening of 29th March 2017. You can come to Cratos Premium Hotel, run by businessmen Murat Bozoğlu and Kemal Bozoğlu, in Tbiszon, where you can have an enjoyable atmosphere in 2017.

Çetin Sel explained that the concerts will continue

Murat Bozoğlu stated that the famous artists will continue to perform at Cratos Premium Hotel – Casino – Port – Spa which is located in one of the most beautiful coasts of Girne city of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Çetin Sel stated that the wedding organizations were held at Cratos Premium Hotel.

Murat Bozoğlu continued to say that guests who prefer Cratos Premium on their happiest days could be served with ultra luxury wedding cars. Weddings offer wedding cakes and treats specially prepared by world famous chefs. There are unforgettable shows and fun suits in the comfort and elegance that will make you forget the tiredness of the night. Every detail is designed delicately, from hairdressing service to bridal bath.

Çetin Sel said that meeting and conference services were also given at Cratos Premium Hotel.

Çetin Sel main ballroom with specially designed and multi-purpose French locals; Business world with 11 meeting rooms, Cratos Premium said that meeting services were provided.The sound system as technical equipments, wired – wireless, tribune and collar microphones, overhead projector, video and data projector, widescreen TV, curtain, tracking spot, LED lights, Mp3 , DVD and DivX, LCD Projector, Barcovision, Laptop Computer, Simultaneous Interpretation System.

Çetin Sel stated that with Port Cratos, guests can be served in different sections.


Çetin Sel gave information about Cratos Spa services.

Çetin Sel stated that PRIVATE SPA, MASSAGE, BATH, SPECIAL THERAPIES, FITNESS CENTER, SKIN CARE SERVICES can be provided in the Spa section.

Çetin Sel also gave information about the pools.

Çetin Sel stated that guests coming to Cratos Hotel can benefit from the indoor pool and the children’s pool.

Çetin Sel told the services given at Cratos Casino.

Çetin Sel stated that guests will enjoy playing games at the dazzling Cratos Premium Casino, equipped with the latest technology and the latest technology with the latest technology. Hummer H2 limo, Hummer H3 limo, Rolls Royce Phantom limousine, Bentley Continental Flying Spur, Chrysler 300 C and The luxury car fleet of Jaguar takes you to the unique environment of Cratos Premium Casino. Cratos Premium Casino with 4000 m² giant platform is a comfortable play for its guests with its special and spacious architecture like an amphitheater with Egyptian inspiration, Italian style tables, giant ventilation system, massage service, free buffet and a’la carte restaurants Environment.

3 VIP lounges in this delightful atmosphere and Organic Island, 267 slot machines using the latest technology, 34 live game tables, live races, football bets, Texas Hold’em poker tables, the greatest winning jackpot system where all machines are connected and slot machines Coins and money, the Cratos Premium Casino is leading the game enthusiast with its high-limit and wide range of game options.

Las Vegas-specific showcases on the exclusive scene, direct access to the Casino from the King Suites, VIP playrooms where you can play comfortably are just a few of the privileges Cratos Premium brings to the island.

Cratos Premium, which has 11 American Roulette tables, 20 card games tables, 1 Punto & Banco table and 2 Texas Hold’em Poker tables, will make sure you enjoy the innovations and privileges that Cyprus has earned.

The important settlements of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus are the capital Nicosia, Girne, Famagusta, Güzelyurt and Iskele.
You can come to Cratos Premium Hotel – Casino – Port – Spa, which is one of the most beautiful coasts of Girne city of TRNC and you can watch concerts of famous artists.
The 246 standard rooms of the Cratos Premium Hotel, coordinated by Cetin Sel, have a double bed and a twin bed (two separate beds).
Poolside Club Standard rooms are also suitable for enjoying spectacular views and comfort.
Las Vegas-specific showcases on the exclusive scene, direct access to the Casino from the King Suites, VIP play rooms where you can play comfortably, and the privileges that Cratos Premium brings to the island as coordinator of Cetin Sel.
Beach Club, different disco, bars, nightclubs and restaurants and entertainment concept are all for you, all in Port Cratos.
Golden Cage, Jungle, Mey Blue, Mad, La Plage, La Matta, Ocakbasi Restaurant Port Cratos’ tastes and entertainment peaks.
Cratos Premium Spa rests your body and mind and makes you feel refreshed and refreshed while applying Far Eastern massages and classical massages applied by local and foreign expert massage therapists.
Eden Main Restaurant: Breakfast is served from 07:00 to 10:00, lunch from 12.30 to 14.30, dinner from 19:00 to 21:30. The most exquisite tastes of international cuisine and light meals are served as open buffet for guests. Late breakfast is between 10:00 and 10:30.
Port Cratos: Mey Blue fish restaurant in Port Cratos.
Susa Patisserie: Pastry orders can also be given for special day celebrations at Susa Patisserie, which is open from 09:30 to 24:00.
Segafredo Cafe: It serves between 10.00-24: 00 hours.
Terrace Bar: Terrace serves between 10: 00-24: 00 hours.
The North Shield Pub: The 24-hour Pub is available for UK Premier League and Turkish League matches. Pool Bar: It serves between 09: 00-18: 00 hours.
Pool Snack: Available between 11: 00-18: 00 hours.
Egzotica Bar: It serves in the Spa between 07: 00-21: 00 hours.
Bowling Bar: Available between 12: 00-24: 00 hours.
*** Services may change periodically.
For more detailed information about Cratos Premium Hotel – Casino – Port – Spa operated by Trabzon businessmen Murat Bozoğlu and Kemal Bozoğlu, you can reach the hotel’s official website at http://www.cratospremium.com/.